How The Tennis Racquet Grip Comfort While Match?

Having an appropriate size of the tennis racquet is the most important aspect of the sport. It plays a vital role in every tennis player while playing the match. As it is an essential factor, so it is important to select the right size of the tennis racquet. We know to choose a perfect size tennis racquet may little-overwhelming task because you have to do some research or homework before considering it. Whether you pick the perfect racquet, but if you are not familiar with the technique to grip it, then it will not work for you. Therefore, you have to know the techniques to grip the tennis racquet.

Here are some techniques to hold the tennis racquet.

•    Continental: This method is called the neutral grip. In this technique, you have to place your hand on the tennis racquet in the V shape formed by your forefinger and thumb and hold the grip with the straight palm to hold the handle of the racquet. This type of the technique is an ideal for the drop shot. It is the very well known technique to hit the ball efficiently.
•    Eastern: Eastern grip is more develop technique than the eastern grip. Several professional players utilize this technique while playing the match. In this procedure, you need to index knuckle on the third bevel. It also has some drawbacks such as you will not be able to handle the heavy topspin that can be rebound high and above shoulder. It requires much practice to apply this technique while playing it because you must have to know the precise timing to hit the racquet for beginner
•    Semi-Western: It is also one of the essential techniques that every player familiar with it. In this method, index knuckle is positioned lying on the fourth bevel of the racquet. It is the best technique to top spin the ball with the huge amount to deliver massive topspin for your challenger.
•    Full-Western: Full Western is also the latest technique that can ensure your success in this game if you know the entire techniques to play it. Whether you are righty or lefty, the index knuckle will position on the fifth bevel of the handle of the racquet. This technique is the best on the clay courts and slows hard courts as well. It is the very useful technique that can help you to win the match. Here is the place will help you finding the more beneficial techniques for that you have to go at which will cover your all important questions about tennis racquet.
All grip mentioned above techniques are the best in their work field. Its advantages and disadvantages depend on your requirements. All these techniques undoubtedly help you to win the match and also facilitate you to play like a star on the court, but you should have to select the best tennis racquet so that you can apply the entire techniques on the tennis racquet. If you don’t know that how to select the best tennis racquet, you can go to the experts to get some advice or recommendations that can lead you to choose the excellent tennis racquet for you.